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9U Midget Championships Cancelled in Danville

By Force Elite, 03/13/20, 1:00PM CDT


DANVILLE, IL  Statement from Big Bash Wrestling. I'll save the long's over. The arena was basically shut down once the governor banned mass gatherings of 1,000 or more and the CDC wants crowds of 250 or less along with all sports on all levels being shut down it was bound to happen. 

So yes Midget and the Middle School Duals are cancelled. 

They will NOT be rescheduled. It is virtually impossible to have something in place until the bans are lifted to have a viable plan in place. 

So with that said I do have a few things to announce. 

First off all wrestlers will receive a FULL 100% refund of tournament entry fees. Now understand that this will probably take 30-45 days since Track Wrestling has dozens of events to do this with so please be patient and your refund will be credited back to your debit/credit card used again at 100%. 

Second since we will lose this year for the event next year we will bring back the 10u ELITE for those 9 year olds that didn't have a chance to wrestle at Midget. Only 10u ELITE at next year Midget---also that doesn't mean that the 8u ELITE will be back at Bantam so please do count on that or inquire. 

Lastly since we have some apparel namely jackets and shorts for the 2020 Midget Championships that never happened (collector items) we are selling those for those that wish to purchase them. If you are interested please email Jenny (my t-shirt girl) at there is only 100 jackets made so email my girl soon!!!

Obviously if you can place an order by teams you can get a better deal on shipping and delivery so be mindful of that.

Lastly the Intermediate Belt WINNERS Aidan McClure---Mason Swartz---Barret Speck---Carter Noonan and the IRONMAN Singlet Winners Mason Swartz---Barret Speck I personally apoligize for US not being able to offically recognize your accomplishments in person at this time but we will recognize you guys when it is humanly possible. In the meantime I'll be happy to get you your well deserved belts however we can just email me. 

Again we did all we could do

Thanks again for another great season and everyone be safe and stay healthy PLEASE!!!